Big news! I am officially cleared for international travel! My passport arrived yesterday so I am ready to start flapping my way in your direction! I look forward to collecting more stamps to add to my passport.
I plan to be in Honduras, and at Bid and Proposal Con in New Orleans in June. If you’d like me to come visit you, don’t forget to email me at:

Sunny’s New Passport

“What do you mean I don’t have enough frequent swimmer miles to upgrade to first class?”

“Yes, my  carry-on will fit in the overhead….”

I went to Washington and the only landmark I saw was the airport.

I had my money in my hand, and my order on my mind!

Someone in line told me that I must try the frosted orange.

Deborah Mills with 123 Proposal Automation Software had some nice demonstrations.

Colleen Jolly from 24 Hr Company answered all of my questions with a smile.

Sales Edge appreciates the bond between proposal people and their coffee.

Expedience Software’s presentation on Excel was enlightening.

The coffee with Jennifer was good; though it took an extra cup to lift my morning fog.

Having a good time filling out my card with Shipley’s Daryl Jones.

Jeannette with JK Waldie is so nice.

BJ Lownie with Strategic Proposals knows his stuff.

Chatting with David Miller from Sales Edge.

Lisa Pafe from Lohfeld knows how to explain to a turtle!

Hmmm, marbles. Wonder if I can count them?

Getting a closer look to count those marbles at the OCI table.

They let me practice being a speaker buddy.

It is already time for the closing ceremonies.

Checking to see if they call my number for a door prize.