Our Next Chapter Meeting

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Please make plans to join us for our next Chapter Meeting which is scheduled for Thursday, September 7, 2017.

Five Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Competition, with Marsha Lindquist, CP APMP, NCMA Fellow.

Business leaders are often trained never to trust their competition. They see business as a win-lose game, where if they associate with their competitors they’ll get beat. But this isn’t always the best approach to dealing with the other team. No two companies are created exactly the same, even if they are perceived as competitors. While any two competitors may share some similarities, the majority of their functions are completely different. And even if you do all the exact same things as another company, you have different people and systems in your organization that make you unique. This concept is important to realize because once you get past the fear of your competition, you can actually build mutually beneficial relationships and grow your business. Forging relationships with companies within your industry can allow you both to achieve greater levels of success.

Marsha Lindquist is one of the most positive entrepreneurs and professional women consultants in the United States today. Marsha is an inspiring strategist changing the way her clients view their business. Whatever the issues are relating to creating a profitable business and winning competitive Government procurements, Marsha finds creative ways to bring out the best and make a significant difference to the organizations she works with. As a leader of Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc. her management success is based upon her strong team player orientation and outstanding communication skills. Marsha’s expertise is in problem solving and seeing root causes. She facilitates her clients’ focus on achievements and knows how to pursue business and win it.

How To Join The Webinar
Thu, Sep 7, 2017 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

1. Click the link to join the webinar at the specified time and date:

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Before joining, be sure to check system requirements to avoid any connection issues.

2. Choose one of the following audio options:
When the webinar begins, you will be connected to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended.
If you prefer to use your phone, you must select “Use Telephone” after joining the webinar and call in using the numbers below.
United States: +1 (415) 655-0052
Access Code: 819-653-399
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the webinar
Webinar ID: 295-254-179

Chapter Meetings for 2017

(4-5pm) – Thursdays
March 9
June 8
September 7
December 7

Also, please see our Meeting Recap Page for information from previous meetings.

APMP Florida 10 Year Logo

We’re Celebrating our 10th Anniversary!
It’s our 10th anniversary and we have some very exciting events planned for 2017.

10 Months of Giveaways
It’s our anniversary, so we’re celebrating YOU! Starting on March 10th, we will begin our 10 months of giveaways to chapter members. Every 10th day of each month, March through December, we will randomly draw one name from our membership list to give away a $25 Amazon gift card. Limit one gift per member.

Our New Youtube Channel
We are excited to announce our new YouTube Channel. Here, you will find our 10th anniversary video for 2017. Going forward, we will be adding a new video each year to commemorate all of the exciting events that occurred in the year. We will release our next video in December 2017 and each December going forward. Don’t forget to subscribe to our page!

We’re Now on Google+
Follow our new Google+ page for announcements, updates, and events.


2016 APMP Florida Sunshine Award Winners List!


The APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter is pleased to announce the 2016 winners and honors list for our first annual APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter Awards.

As you can see from our list, our international and virtual presence is an integral part of our chapter and we are pleased with such a diverse geographic footprint within our chapter.

Please join us in congratulating all of the winners for 2016!

Keller Award for Chapter Service: Amy Stourac, CF APMP (Tampa, FL)
Stourac Award for Chapter Outreach: Ruth Lown Turman, CP APMP Fellow (Columbia, SC)
Mentor of the Year: Alyssa Simpson Feliho (Tampa, FL)

Chapter Honors Winners:

Alexandre Luiz Campos de Abreu, CP APMP (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Debra J. Fowler, CPP APMP (Aberdeen, MD)
George Cronin, CP APMP (Melbourne, FL)
Christine B. Galante, CP APMP (Cape Canaveral FL)
Carlos Henrique De Freitas, CP APMP (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Stephen R. Galati, CP APMP (Paul Beach Gardens, FL)
Carolyn Dragseth, CP APMP (Tampa, FL)
Johnny Hamilton, CP APMP (Goose Creek, SC)
Shirl H. Edwards, CP APMP (New Smyrna Beach, FL)
Meghann Lewis, CPP APMP (Tampa, FL)
Alyssa Simpson Feliho, CP APMP (Tampa, FL)
Dan Lyons, CP APMP (Tampa, FL)
Greg Fletcher, CP APMP (Weston, FL)
Joseph Oblak, CP APMP (West Palm Beach, FL)
J. Ronald Scheidecker, CP APMP (Melbourne, FL)
Danielle Torley, PMP, CF APMP (Destin, FL)
Jennifer Siler, CP APMP (Tampa, FL)
Jennifer Turkali, CP APMP (Cocoa, FL)
Sharon Spaits, CP APMP (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)
Ruth Lown Turman, CP APMP Fellow (Columbia, SC)
Mike Walker, CPP APMP (Naples, FL)
Jennifer Mosier, CF APMP (Atlanta, GA)



APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter Highlights

from Boston Bid & Proposal Con 2016  BandP1


Representatives from the APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter Board of Directors attended the 2016 Bid & Proposal Con held in Boston May 25-28 alongside 22 of our members including an international member from Venezuela. During the conference, we introduced our new chapter mascot, “Sunny the Solicitation Sea Turtle” who will visit our chapter members or teams.

We also rolled out of our new chapter logo via pins given to each attendee from our chapter and included identification of our chapter members in attendance with special chapter ribbons for their conference name badges. These pins will also be distributed to all members in the next coming weeks.

As a result of our entertaining efforts to draw attention to our chapter at Bid & Proposal Con in Boston, we had two attendees choose to affiliate with our chapter and we have grown our membership to 184 as of May 31.  Our goal is 200 members in 2016 and we’d like each of our members to help us get there!

We were honoBandP2red and thrilled to accept the 2015 APMP Chapter Communications award at the Celebration of the Industry dinner on May 26th. The award honors the chapter that provides outstanding content and value in communications (newsletter, website, email blast, social media, or other communications means) to its members, APMP International, and fellow chapters.



The highlights of our efforts throughout 2015 to communicate with our members and grow our chapter membership included:

  • As of February 2016, our virtual chapter had members in 66 different locations in Florida, 11 states and nine countries.BandP3
  • We increased our presence on social media and email communication through our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.
  • Our Board members who attended Bid & Proposal Con in Seattle in 2015 wore the pieces of the logo as headgear and staged a “treasure hunt” contest encouraging attendees to find each of the four pieces of the logo and be included in a drawing for a $50 gift card and a stainless steel business card case.
  • Our Board members who attended Bid & Proposal Con in Seattle and/or SPAC in 2015 wore special ribbons with a charm in the shape of the state of Florida to further represent the “Florida” in our chapter’s name.
  • We grew our membership from 133 to 167 members in 2015, which was a 25% increase over 2014.

Please continue to visit our chapter pages (and invite others!) on our website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter where we will post all of the fun Sunny had at his first Bid & Proposal Con and make plans to meet him in person in upcoming Bid & Proposal Conferences in New Orleans, June 13-15, 2017 and in San Diego in 2018.

We’re looking forward to more exciting events and our FREE virtual meetings available to everyone throughout the year.




If you would be interested in helping the chapter as a member of the Board of Directors, please see the Officers Page for more details.



Our Facebook Page

Please visit our Facebook page at



APMP Accreditation Rebates

The APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter sponsors a rebate initiative which is designed to help offset our member’s accreditation training expense or exam fee.

The chapter will pay a $50 rebate to any current APMP member affiliated with the Sunshine Chapter who successfully passes the Foundation Level accreditation exam, and $150 for the Practitioner Level. One rebate for $200 has also been has been allocated for the Professional Level accreditation.
If you are a Florida chapter member and pass your certification, be sure to apply to the Chapter Chair for your rebate. Simply email a copy of your certificate or the email confirming your passing. Once we verify that you were a member when you took the test, we will send you your rebate!
For info about the APMP Accreditation Program, see


On-Line Communication

In addition to our long-running chapter web site, the APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter has two new on-line resources for chapter member communication:
* The APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter group on — distributes news about the chapter and the APMP, promotes communication among its membership, recruits new APMP and chapter members, and publicizes proposal job opportunities. It’s an open group, and you don’t have to be a member of the APMP or our chapter to join (although you’re encouraged to be both if you join the group).
* The APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter group of the Communities section on the APMP web site ( — provides access to a group directory, calendar, blog, forum, and photo gallery. To enter our group community section, sign in to the APMP web site, go to the Chapter Communities section, and select the Florida Sunshine Chapter.


Proposal Employment

If you’re looking for proposal work (permanent or contract), check for available jobs posted in the Jobs section of our chapter LinkedIn group and the Jobs page of our chapter web site. Proposal consultants who are chapter members can (free of charge) post their work availability on the Consultants page of our chapter web site. If you’re looking for someone to fill a proposal job in the geographic area of our chapter, you can post the job opening (free of charge) in our LinkedIn group and an our web site.


Attention Members of the Florida Sunshine Chapter of the APMP: You’re invited to join the new APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter group on The group will be used to communicate among the chapter’s members and to distribute news about the chapter and the APMP.


Chapter Pins and Membership

Florida APMP Chapter Logo


The APMP Florida Sunshine Chapter is a virtual one. However, in the future, our members will have something physical to connect them to the chapter. Since 2011, the chapter has provided each of its members with an attractive and colorful membership pin. With a design based on the chapter’s logo, the pins will be distributed to members by mail, or made available to members attending the Annual APMP Conference or SPAC.