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Program Recaps

Recaps of the programs from our recent General Membership Meetings.

June 2019Christine Campbell
Christine showed us how a quality price to win solution addresses the fact that price is only part of the winning equation.
March 2019Samantha Enslen
Samantha showed us how to scientifically measure the readability of your proposal text and four easy ways to significantly improve readability.
December 2018Kevin Jans
Kevin Jans discussed Why COs love FAR 16.5: Knowledge & Insights From Contracting Officers
November 2018Jenny W. Clark
Using proprietary tools, Jenny showed us how to gain competitive pricing by creating customized rates and pricing models for companies with "what if" scenarios — allowing visualization of future work on costs and pricing so that win rates may be improved.
September 2018Charlie Divine
Mr. Charlie Divine presented overview information about APMP Certification — the global standard for demonstrating your proposal management competency.
June 2018Marina Goren
Marina Goren discussed how being an incumbent used to give you an immediate advantage over the rest of the competition. However, in today's world other strategies and techniques are needed to succeed.
March 2018 Louise Pulini, CF APMP Secretary, APMP NY Liberty Chapter
In this presentation, Louise Pulini focuses on living through the complex world of company mergers and acquisitions.
December 2017Ruth Turman, CP APMP Fellow
Ruth introduces the idea of the Proposal Management Survival Tool Kit, a light-hearted (yet serious) approach to some of the more common pitfalls that frequently plague the human element of proposal teams and a fun means of keeping teams aware, proactive as opposed to reactive, and one way to bring a healthy dose of levity into an otherwise stressful time.
November 2017Barbara Stiles, FSMPS, CPSM, WGI
Networking for Introverts — Networking is an essential component of any career. It is especially important for our technical seller-doer staff since relationships can influence who wins a project and networking is a great way to build those relationships. Unfortunately, just the thought of networking can cause technical professionals to feel overwhelmed and anxious.
September 2017Marsha Lindquist, Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc.
December 2016Alyssa Simpson Feliho
June 2016Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, CF.APMP Fellow
March 2016Mike Parkinson
This presentation gives attendees information they can directly and immediately apply to create their own graphics with standard software. Every proposal requires graphic elements to tell a story. Often proposal professionals are over-tasked with managing every aspect of a proposal and do not have budget to get outside graphic support. We specifically address those concerns and teach attendees to create professional graphics.
December 2015Dena Stukenberg, Director of Proposals and Enrollment at HCSC
Driving Change from the Back Seat: Learn how to affect change within your organization on many different levels, regardless of your professional title and rank in the organization. Gain a new perspective on how to improve and streamline your organization's culture regarding change, especially in terms of winning allies and supporters of new ideas that will improve organizational processes.
July 2015Jeannette K. Waldie CPP APMP
Companies are using technology to help manage costs and make their internal teams more efficient. As a result, proposal professionals now work with project teams located around the country and even the world. Working with a virtual team and creating synergy and incorporate robust processes can be a challenge.
June 2015Mr. Eddie Becker, VP of Proposal Excellence for Serco North America
Mr. Becker has more than 25 years' experience as a proposal professional in the information technology industry for federal, state, and commercial contracting opportunities.
March 2015Bob Lohfeld
In this presentation, Bob Lohfeld discussed the government's shrinking budget, enhanced competing to increase corporate revenues and maintain profits, and fierce competition in smaller markets raising competitiveness standards for all bidders. Bob also explored objectives of winning proposals, critical evaluation factors, how you should look at your proposals for competitiveness, and a new standard for excellent with your proposals.
September 2014Chris Simmons
Mr. Chris Simmons is a founder and principal member of the business development and relationship management firm Rainmakerz Consulting. Chris is also an award winning author and an APMP Fellow. His firm provides strategic sales, marketing, new business development, and related consulting services. They have over 130 clients in the US, Canada, Central America, and the UK.
June 2014Betsey Blakney
Ms. Blakney is a past APMP CEO, COO, Board Secretary and Eastern Regional Representative, as well as a former APMP-National Capital Area (NCA) President. With 17 years of proposal management experience, she is a Director of Proposal Management for CACI, INC.-FEDERAL. She earned her BS from Ithaca College, New York and her MS from Springfield College, Massachusetts. Having successfully transitioned her career from being a public school teacher and coach, she actively serves as an APMP certification mentor and facilitator.
December 2013Mr. Robert Keller, President of Sunfire Management, LLC
Mr. Keller spoke on: Competition analysis — when and how? Writing — when can we start? Story Boards — why?
September 2013Mr. Mark Wigginton, Shipley
Mark has worked as a proposal manager and orals coach as well as facilitating Shipley's core curriculum of business development courses. He is an active member of APMP's Greater Houston Chapter and speaks regularly at APMP meetings and conferences. Mark is an Accredited Member of APMP. Mr. Wigginton presented an overview of APMP, the levels of APMP's certification, the benefits of certification, and how to maintain your CEUs once you are certified.
June 2013Mr. Kevin Jans, President, Skyway Acquisition Solutions
Mr. Jans led a great discussion centered around his journey from a Government Contracting Officer to a successful entrepreneur. Check out his presentation to see what he thinks are some of the keys to making that leap — with both feet, eventually — into running your own business.
March 2013Mr. Geren Williams
At the outset of a Capture effort three questions have to be answered: (i) Who is competing; how are they positioned? (ii) How do our strengths and weaknesses compare with our competitors? (iii) How will competitors compete? Capture teams seldom put adequate thought and effort into answering these questions. They neither have the tools nor the practical experience to do so.
December 2012Nancy Webb
Learn how to recognize not only what looks good, but what makes your proposal pages effective. Engaging text, persuasive graphics, and enlivening color are all important visual components of a successful proposal. But you need more than just a template to assure effective pages. You must create that template with an understanding of how the human eye and brain process visual information.
September 2012Gerald Gutierrez
We all know that getting strategy into the proposal is a fundamental key to winning. But what do we mean when we say strategy? What is an effective strategy? What is the role of Capture/Campaign Manager vs. Proposal Manager? How is an effective win strategy developed? What are the key elements? And most importantly... How do you ensure it is executed effectively and incorporated into the proposal?
June 2012Beth Wingate
To win consistently and achieve Task Order (TO) proposal process excellence, you need to develop and manage a proven, repeatable TO proposal process.
March 2012Sandy Luttrell, AMP. APMP, Proposal Support Manager
December 2011BJ Lownie, Managing Director of Strategic Proposals
September 2011Dr. LaBrita Cash-Baskett, President and Managing Partner of Fundamental Focus, LLC
May 2011Dr. Tom Sant, of Hyde Park Partners (
March 2011Mike Gonsalves, President and Founder of StrategicFusion, Inc. (
December 2011Chuck Keller, APMP Accreditation Program Director
September 2010Jenny Schmitt, President and Director of Client Strategy, CloudSpark ( Jenny also shared two handouts with us
December 2009Carey Potter and Tracy Warren
September 2009Olessia Smotrova-Taylor, President/CEO of OST Global Solutions, Inc.,
May 2009David Sotolongo
March 2009Verna Hankins
December 2008Monica Premo, (
September 2008Ed Alexander
June 2008Mike Parkinson

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