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We hold four general membership meetings — open to APMP members and non-members — and they are scheduled typically in March, June, September, and December. These meetings offer informative programs about various proposal development topics, provide APMP news, and allow for on-line networking. For the near future, the meetings will be held virtually through webinar/conference call resources. However, we may occasionally hold virtual/physical (hybrid) or physical meetings as our chapter membership grows. We hope you will join our chapter and actively support our activities. See you at our next general membership meeting (virtually speaking).

At Our Last Chapter Meeting...

March 2020

Telling Your Story: Compliant and Compelling Proposal Themes that Win

Winning is all about standing out from the competition and capturing the attention and imagination of proposal evaluators. Strong targeted proposal themes can make the difference between winning and losing your next bid. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, proposal teams need a simple structured approach to writing proposal themes more efficiently and effectively. Based on his APMP award-winning article, "How to Create Winning Proposal Themes", Chris Simmons shares some proven methods, processes, and lessons learned to tell a more compliant and compelling proposal story using theme statements and focus boxes. These proposal elements significantly improve proposal efficiency and increase proposal effectiveness. In the end, you win more and work less. Participants can significantly benefit from reading Chris's article, "How to Create Winning Proposal Themes", in advance of the webinar, which can be found here.

Chris is Founder & Principal at Rainmakerz Consulting LLC. He is an APMP Certified Practitioner and APMP Fellow. He has a reputation for passionate, entertaining, practical, and content rich presentations. Chris is the former APMP National Capital Area Chapter (NCA) Vice President and Membership Chair. He has presented at numerous APMP International, NCA, and six other APMP chapters including "Making Rain on a Small Business Budget" (Florida Sunshine Chapter, 2014). He was the NCA Mentor of the Year (2016) and the first John Elder APMP Journal Award Winner (How to Create Winning Proposal Themes).

Also, please see our Program Recaps Page for information from previous meetings.

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