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We hold four general membership meetings — open to APMP members and non-members — and they are scheduled typically in March, June, September, and December. These meetings offer informative programs about various proposal development topics, provide APMP news, and allow for on-line networking. For the near future, the meetings will be held virtually through webinar/conference call resources. However, we may occasionally hold virtual/physical (hybrid) or physical meetings as our chapter membership grows. We hope you will join our chapter and actively support our activities. See you at our next general membership meeting (virtually speaking).

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At our last meeting...

Position to Win:The Art of Minimizing Money Left on the Table

June 6, 2019, with presenter Christine Campbell

Christine showed us how a quality price to win solution addresses the fact that price is only part of the winning equation. With many federal customers moving away from Lowest Price Technically Acceptable awards, it is important for capture teams to have a comprehensive understanding of your company's position relative to competition. Understanding the balancing act between price and technical capability is a crucial element to improving win probability while minimizing money left on the table.

Also, please see our Program Recaps Page for information from previous meetings.

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