About Us

Welcome to the Florida Sunshine Chapter of the APMP!

The Florida Sunshine Chapter was chartered in September 2007 with only 38 charter members. Now in our tenth year of operation, we have over 190 chapter members from around the world. Although you have to be an APMP member to join our chapter, you do not have to pay extra dues or even live in Florida to be a chapter member. As an APMP member, you may affiliate with the Florida chapter free of charge. Simply contact us and request it. Although most of our members are in Florida, we encourage chapter membership and involvement of APMP members anywhere, particularly in locations that have no active APMP chapters.

There are many benefits to being a member of the Florida Chapter, including rebates when you successfully achieve your Foundation, Practitioner or Professional levels. There are also wonderful door prizes just for attending our chapter meetings.

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Online Meetings

Our chapter meetings are virtual. You can attend through your computer and telephone.

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